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Irreverent Software™ is a small four members team of game developers, trying to offer the best experience to gamers from all over the world. With several projects already in development, and several more to come, we always try to provide great quality games that are able to run on a wide range of devices. Our conviction is that games should be available for everyone, and not limited to those with extremely powerful rigs. All of our games are designed to be a fun experience  without any restrictions for the user, that's why we have decided to release them without any DRM. Freedom for the user, and our compromise to give better games to everyone. Thanks for your support and confidence in our games, and enjoy your visit.

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Game Trailers Mine Dudes

Mine Dudes™ is a fast paced platform-shooter game, where you can destroy and rebuild the scenery at will. Dig your way through the caverns systems, face dangerous traps and deathly enemies, acquire powerful abilities to help you in your goal of getting as many jewels and treasures as possible, and bury your enemies under a piles of rock and fire.

This game has been released, and  you can buy it here or follow it on   IndieDB.

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