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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.- What is 3:00am Dead Time™?

A.- 3:00am Dead Time is a terror game, the latest title of Irreverent Software™.

Q.-Is the game going to be free?

A.- The game will not be free. We intend to sell it once it is released at the end of the year, but we will release several free                and public demos and test during the development.

You can get access to the game while it is being developed, by funding it. This way you will have access to the beta versions, as well as a copy of the final game once it is done.

Q.- How much will it cost?

A.- For the people who didn’t fund the game during it’s development, the game will have a price of 15-20 USD.

If you fund the game during it’s development, you will get the Beta versions and the final game for just 10 USD.

Q.-What will I receive with my funds?

A.-You can fund two different amounts to this game, and each one gives you different things.

1.-If you fund 10 USD you will receive :

2.- If you fund 15 USD you will receive :