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Thank you for donating to this project. With your help, our team can spend more time making games, which means that we will release them faster. Also, your donations let us buy better tools, renovate our hardware as needed, and help us to maintain this website working. This will also make possible for us to remain independent from any big company, working just for the gamer community, and being supported by them.
We have a lot of projects on the desk, waiting to see the light. You have seen just some of them, a little bit. Thank you for your help, and be prepared, because you will hear more of us soon.

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(Just click the Pay Now Button, and it will redirect you to the donations page. The Donate legend is not available outside USA, so by PayPal instructions, we had to use the Pay Now Button)

If you want to donate more than 1.00 USD, specify the desired amount on the Quantity field, on the PayPal page. Click on Update, and see if the Total  matches the amount that you want to donate. Remember that you do not need a PayPal account to donate, you can use any supported credit card.  

Thank you very much!

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