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Legacy Projects

FET : Flying Extraterrestrials
The first video game released by Irreverent Software back in 2012 made as a big development test in under one month and remastered for android phones, this game is available totally free on the Google Store.

With dozens of levels and a simple yet engaging mechanic you must take control over several UFOs and capture all kinds of creatures while you fight against ever growing human forces.
Russian Roulette : The Gangsters Game
Our last game for Android offers the full Russian Roulette experience ( minus the dying part ) with several modes of play, local multiplayer support, tons of achievements and a fun, stylish noir look and feel to it.

Get some friends, load some bullets and get ready to experience the deadliest game of all, from the safety of your phone.

Upcoming Titles

Coming Soon
This project will be announced in early 2021
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