New year, new image
As the new year comes and we prepare for our upcoming releases for 2019 both in games and in development tools, the time has come to move on towards a new vision for the future of Irreverent Software™ with the same core mission  as always but an all new style and more ambitious projects.

To welcome this new direction for the studio, our evolving focus on gaming and game development and the new creative freedom this will bring, Irreverent Software™ has gone through a full redesign both in our website, our logos and, as you will soon see, in the way we approach our projects' style and content. We are very happy for what 2019 will bring for us and to share with all of you the projects we are currently working on. Happy New Year!
XFur Studio, finalist of the Unity Awards 2018
After a year of updates, improvements and constant evolution in what has become our most popular tool we want to thank you all for your support since it helped push XFur Studio to be among the finalists for the Unity Award 2018 to Best Artistic Tool.

With the new year here XFur will also receive its share of new updates and exciting improvements. Starting on March and April there will be new and better tutorials ( including video tutorials ) available for this and our other assets to make the learning process as easy as possible and bring the best fur for Unity to every developer, regardless of experience level.
XFur Studio - Mobile. 
XFur Studio, the ultimate fur system for Unity,  finally gets its highly requested mobile version. 

With all the functionality and flexibility of the main version but adapted for mobile devices it will take your games to the next level.

This first release has plenty of features for both low end and high end smartphons and other mobile devices and has been tested thoroughly to ensure the same level of quality you have come to expect from XFur. 

You can read more about this new asset as well as its features by going to the official thread on the Unity forums right here
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